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The following pages are for members of the Pan-Clan only.

If you are having a problem logging in, check the information below.

Talk to your area rep or contact the webmaster using the Contact Us page to ask for help,
or see the important information on the change to login in the box below.

Remember, there are NO SPACES in the system generated usernames and passwords
and they are all lower case.

Member Login

format: abcd1234
unless you have changed it, same as username
Information about other Members of the Pan-Clan are provided for your personal use only. Information is not to be shared with anyone else unless the member(s) concerned has given their explicit agreement. By continuing to log-in to this website you agree that you understand and accept this restriction.

            You will be automatically logged out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

How to login

Your Username is made up of the first 4 characters of your surname (in lowercase) immediately followed by your membership number (no spaces). The password is initially set to the same as your username. Once logged in you can change your password. You will also be able to view the information we have on you.

If you have less than 4 characters in your name, the additional characters to make it up to 4 will be x.

A couple of examples: Jim Black, membership number 123 would be blac123 for username and password. Fred Tom, member 2345 is tomx2345.

If you have a Partner registered, their username and password will be made up the same way, but with a P added to distinguish their login from yours if you share the same surname. For example, Sarah Black will be blac123P; Gill Ho (partner of Fred Tom) will be hoxx2345P.

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